Harish Saluja’s Miniature Paintings Exhibited

By K. S. Venkataraman

Taking inspiration from Rajasthan’s rich tradition in miniature paintings, our multi-faceted Harish Saluja used his palette and paint brushes to create bright paintings using water color, acrylics and other materials. His medium for these miniature paintings are 3” x 5” index cards, with abstract and Asian motifs.

Over 100 paintings were on display during February-March in a gallery on Liberty Avenue. Arts aficionados, Saluja’s friends and well-wishers, including Pittsburgh Mayor Bill Peduto (see below), were there on the opening day to hear Saluja sharing his inspiration for these paintings.

The adjacent picture measuring 3” x 5” is the actual size  of the paintings displayed.

Harish says he had no formal training in arts schools; or for that matter in music or film making, for which also he is known. His talents are natural, like the fragrance of flowers in the wild.  ♣

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