Our Documentation Services


We provide timely and cost-effective professional service on different types of written documentations for small and medium businesses. These include:

1. Tightly edited and clear contents development for documents for different target audiences,

2. Creating, editing and/or proofreading formal MSWord or PowerPoint documents incorporating charts, tables, animations for different audiences,

3. Copyediting and proofreading written documents already developed, and

4. Laying out already edited and finalized written materials and graphics into visually appealing brochures and booklets for different target audiences.

We are happy to create for you AT NO COST a Word document (1500 words), PowerPoint (10 slides) from the rough material you will give us to demonstrate our documentation skills.

We are facile in using different software applications, such as the different MS Office Platforms and InDesign, working with tables, charts, and digital images, among others. We work with clients fine-tuning documents to reach their target audiences.

For small and medium businesses, we also provide Bulk Mailing service using USPS Protocols for post cards, brochures, booklets.

We have over two decades of experience in the above skills honed while publishing this magazine, The Pittsburgh Patrika, founded in 1995.

For discussing your business needs on any of the above, please contact Kollengode S Venkataraman at thepatrika@aol.com