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The pulp version of the quarterly magazine (Jan, Apr, Jul, and Oct), founded in 1995, was mailed for 27 years to over 1800 homes of people tracing their heritage to the Indian subcontinent, living in the Pittsburgh Metro Area (Southwest Pennsylvania, the West Virginia Panhandle, and Eastern Ohio).

Starting in October 2022, the magazine has gone exclusively digital, available in two formats: 1) in e-book form as shown here shown here, and 2) in a series of stand-alone stories on our website.

In the e-book format (sample here) you will see how the magazine is laid out and its visual appeal and its contents and the types of businesses that advertise with us.

To get email notification when we go on-line with each issue, please send your e-mail address to Thepatrika@aol.com.

We started this nonsectarian, nondogmatic and somewhat irreverent magazine in 1995 to i) provide a platform for people to express themselves, and ii) link businesses who want to reach the resourceful Indian Diaspora with their goods/services.

Our writers freely comment on any political, social, religious, economic, cultural, community, and spiritual topics that interest or provoke readers. With our belief that time and the collective wisdom of readers are the best judges of opinions, we have embraced a wide editorial latitude.

We welcome your contributions — articles, recipes, humorous pieces, comments, accomplishments, photographs, wedding announcements… … We also welcome suggestions for stories.  For details, contact:

Kollengode S. “Venkat” Venkataraman, Editor and Publisher

e-mail:    ThePatrika@aol.com                     Home

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