Obituary: Shikha Mullick (1950 to 2014)

Shikha Mullick (1950 to 2014)      Battled Breast Cancer with Courage and Faith

Shiklha MullickMrs. Shikha Mullick passed away on January 28, 2014 after giving a determined fight to her breast cancer for almost twelve years. During her illness she was always calm and accepting with faith in God. She knew the fate of this ill-luck and deadly disease from the time she was diagnosed with Stage II–III breast cancer. Shikha took all the possible treatments available and tolerated the harsh side effects of chemo and radiation therapies with calmness and a smile on her face.

She continued her work in the office and at home and treated everybody with love and respect. Shikha was an ardent devotee of Satya Sai Baba who fulfilled her wish of watching her son’s marriage. Shikha was very sick just a week before the marriage date and was to be hospitalized but she insisted on staying in home and going to Houston, TX to attend the wedding.  Just two days before the marriage she felt comfortable enough to travel all the way to Texas, and attended the marriage with great joy.  A week after her return to Pittsburgh, she passed away. This was God’s miracle and Shikha’s courage and faith in God.

Shikha Mullick, wife of Dr. Prakash Mullick and mother of Tuli and Ronne and mother-in-law of Dr.Tania K.Mullick was born in India in December1950. She had a Master’s degree in English Literature, Bachelor’s in Education and a Diploma in Vocal Music from Sangeet Academy of India. She was a talented singer. Shikha worked as Finance Manager at  SourcePRO Inc. in Pittsburgh.    —  By a Family Friend

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