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By Erin Calvimontes, Divine Celebrations, Pittsburgh PA

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Erin Calvimontes specializes in Indian Wedding traditions and décor and has been in the wedding industry for 25 years. Erin is a PBC- Professional Bridal Consultant, a certified event professional. She is a member of the Association of Bridal Consultants, Co-Director of ABC in Western PA, and a member of ISES Pittsburgh Chapter.

Planning a wedding can be very overwhelming for brides and their families. So, hiring a professional wedding planner to guide you through the planning process can be the best thing you do, saving you time, money, and less stress!

Here are questions from REAL Brides & Mothers of the Brides:

Q: What is the first thing I should do to get started? Sangeeta R.

A: I recommend all my clients get a solid guest list from both sides of the family. This will help you determine everything from venue size to budget.

Q: How do you estimate a realistic budget? Deeba Mahmood

A: You and I talk about all your needs and details of the wedding weekend. I then put to­gether a detailed realistic budget for you. I have many years of experience with service providers and venues and know what they can cost. I also do the research of service providers and venues for you, saving you time and money.

Q: How many meetings are included in your full service package? Nalina Prabhu

A: You get unlimited meetings, communication and service provider contacts with our full service package. Collecting all the details throughout the planning process is very important to ensure a flawless event so my clients can relax on the special day.

Q: How do you handle conflicts between families of different cultures? Judy Karam

A: I help communicate and educate both sides on the others’ cultural traditions. I work very hard to blend the cultures and respect both fami­lies’ needs and de-stress the situation by coming up with alternatives to the conflicts.

Divine Celebrations has a large network of professional service providers for all your wedding needs. If you have wedding questions, please e-mail us:

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Full service, partial planning, and “Month of Event” manage­ment available and more…

Extensive knowledge and ex­perience in South Asian as well as traditional Western ceremo­nies and events.

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