रामायण सारांश में

लेखक: जुगिन्दर लूथरा, वियर्टण, पश्चिम वर्जीनिया

Summary of Ramayan

By Juginder Luthra, Weirton, WV

Father agreed with what wife said
Son agreed with what father said
Marich transformed to a golden deer
Ravan kidnapped Sita
Filled his bag of sins

Monkey burnt Lanka with his tail
Lanka fell by leaked family secret tale
Ram Lakhan brought innocent Sita home
Bharat removed sandals from throne
People joyfully lit lamps in homes

Due to washerman, earth swallowed Janaki
Sita bore sufferings, even lost her life
Since then people keep saying,

Victory to Sita’s husband, Ram Chandra!”
Victory to Sita’s husband, Ram Chandra!” .


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