Cynically Sublime — The Power of Wealth

Almost instinctively, people in all societies at all times throughout history have pursued wealth, often single-mindedly. We cannot blame them, for this is how some of the great minds cynically looked at wealth:

1. He who has wealth is deemed noble, a scholar, proficient in the scriptures, discerner of tastes, an eloquent speaker, and attractive to even look at. All qualities are dependent on wealth.

2. Wealth is class, wealth is beauty, wealth is learning, wealth is fame, What can those deprived of wealth aspire to?

3. Good qualities are attained by wealth, not wealth by good qualities. The wealthy ones are served by the ones with good qualities, not the other way around.

4. The old, the famous, the learned, the skilled, the valorous, the ones well-versed in the scriptures, poets, noble men, all look at the wealthy and declare, “May you be victorious. May you live long!”

5. The poor are loathed in their own homes. The rich have affectionate relatives even in the other worlds.

Can you guess who is the author for each of the above? E-mail for the answer. — By K S Venkataraman  ∎ END


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