Thank You, Readers, for Your Generous Contributions

By Kollengode S and Prema Venkataraman

In the last issue, we had appealed for voluntary contributions from readers to get through the financial crisis, because of advertisements vanishing in one stroke in the Covid-19 pandemic. Hotels, banquets, restaurants, and wedding planners, who are our mainstay advertisers, are the worst affected. Nobody knows precisely how long the recovery will take, and in what form it will re-emerge at the end.

The voluntary contributions from readers are heartening. Our target for the fundraiser was $20,000 for four issues in 2021 (basis: $5000/issue). Against this target, we nearly $12,000, or 60% of the target (~$7,600 on-line and ~$4,400 by checks). The details of lists of donors are here.

We thank all donors for their generosity. And we continue to seek contributions from readers who have not yet pitched in to help us reach our target of $20,000. The reason for this is simple:

The outlook for the hospitality sector in 2021 looks uncertain; but with the vaccines already in place, there is optimism in the air. Even with proven vaccines, the logistical challenges of inocculating 330 million people are daunting. So, it is prudent to expect that advertisers will be slowly trickling back in 2021 as the pandemic’s vehemence subsides. So, the magazine will be in the truncated format for now with fewer ads.

Many readers sent hand-written notes with their checks. These invaluable notes were encouraging and reassuring. The magazine, many wrote, raises relevant issues and disseminates timely information, also serves as a glue, tenuously holding together the fragmented and scattered Indian Diaspora here. Readers’ and advertisers’ trust and support are the only reasons for the magazine to exist.

The Patrika continues to provide a platform with articles and opinion pieces written by people living among us. The gratifying part is this: articles by writers among us on how others in our midst are enriching our lives through their extra-professional activities. And these include their interactions with the American mainstream in interfaith groups, as artistes, and as arts patrons. We urge readers to write for the magazine, sharing with readers their observations and experiences.

Readers who have not yet contributed, may send their checks to:

The Pittsburgh Patrika, Inc.,
4006 Holiday Park Dr., Murrysville, PA 15668; or

go to and make their contributions on-line.


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