Dump the Trump-Pence Ticket

Arun D. Jatkar, Monroeville, PA .

While on WhatsApp with friends in India, I coined a slogan, Dil pukare baram-bar, Modiji ka jay-jay-kar!  But when asked if I will ever say, Phir ek bar, Trump Sarkar, my answer was an emphatic No.

Having made a conscious choice to become a US citizen years ago, I feel I ought to vote for someone who will work for the good of America and Americans, not for someone who simply mouths slogans like “Make America Great Again,” and then, in the same breath tells Americans to get rid of the ballot. Everyone knows the serious threat posed by his psychopathic and equivocating “musings” that will derail a smooth transfer of power, if he loses in the presidential elections this fall.

Years ago, I had to rely on Cobra for myself and my wife for eighteen months; and when that ran out, had to go without Cobra for another eighteen more months before becoming eligible for Medicare. So, I know first-hand what it is like to be out in the cold with pre-existing health conditions. So, I just CANNOT vote for a nominee who is obsessed with the thought of abolishing the Affordable Care Act. And now, with social security as my major financial lifeline, I just CANNOT vote for its callous, remorseless disappearance.  In addition, 

Do I want to see a government-promoted, nakedly racist policy of disenfranchising the citizens of color?  No!

Do I stand for the insults heaped upon our sons and daughters who put their lives on the line for defending America?  No!

Do I want to go along with the maniacal policy of hoping for herd immunity in the midst of the current pandemic? Hell, No!

Do I want to vote for a man who stands safely away from unmasked crowds and tells them that the fear of Covid-19 is a hoax?  No!

Will I vote for a man who values Putin’s words more than the findings of our own intelligence agencies on matters of national security?  No!

Do I want to vote for a man who wantonly denies climate change and says, “Science does not know”?  No!

Do I want to vote for a man who is hellbent upon permanently silencing the voices of pro-choice women?  No!

Do I want to vote for a man who is determined to deny the LGBTQ community the right to live like other human beings?  No!

So, I’ve made up my mind: Dump the Trump-Pence Ticket! END$$


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