Hasya Kavi Sammelan 2017

By Jayashree Phanse, Mars, PA                       e-mail:    jsphanse360@gmail.com

On 21 April, the Antar Rashtriya Hindi Samiti (International Hindi Association, or IHA) organized a Kavi Sammelan (impromptu poetry recital) at the SV Temple auditorium. The evening was three continuous hours of humorous, satire-filled nonstop poetical repartee. The large attendance at the program was a testimony to the program’s success.  The IHA, a nonprofit organization, strives to preserve and promote the linguistic tradition and interests related to Hindi on a global scale to highlight human values inherent in its literature.

It is difficult to translate satire and humor in any language into other languages having different idioms, grammar, rhyming schemes and literary traditions. So, I can not bring out the nuances of the evening.

The three poets who enlivened the evening were Gajendra Solanki, Sudeep Bhola and Sunil Jogi.

Shri Gajendra Solanki started the evening with an ode to India, to its culture, to its temples, to Mahatma Gandhi, to Hindi the national language. In the ocean of languages, he claimed Hindi, the daughter of Sanskrit, was the nectar. Solanki in his melodious voice presented with satire the issue with demonetization, and needled politicians. With hilarious, elevating, clap-generating quips, he presented to the Desis living all over the world, declaring them Karma Yogis in the true sense.

The young and talented Sudeep Bhola’s political satire and single liners were biting. With his charismatic poetic performance, he made the audience laugh and cry. He took us on a journey of emotions from satire and humor, to sacrifices by patriotic martyrs, to thought-provoking social issues on Indian women and children.

Dr. Sunil Jogi, a Padma Shri award recipient, the chairman of the Hindustan Academy, and a Minister of State in the Government of Uttar Pradesh came next. Proceeds of his tours always fund his nonprofit organization promoting sustainable education in rural areas. One of his presentations touched me: “God requests His devotee to visit Him not in temple but in the hut of the old woman in the slum and feed her the Prasad. I am with the children washing plates in the restaurants near your house.  With the money for the hundi please buy books for them to go to school.”

Sanjeev Sharma, IHA secretary gave the welcome and the vote of thanks. Ananya Jadia, Ananya Tripathi and Mallika Acharcya from
Vidya Mandir and Chinmaya Mission introduced the poets in Hindi. years ahead, you should strive for perfection. That will ensure you will be the best you can be.      ♣


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