Taken for Granted

Juginder Luthra, Pittsburgh, PA


Editor’s note: Juginder Luthra wrote this free-style poem based on the vistas of Pittsburgh during day and night including activities on Grandview Avenue. It ends with an eclectic and sophisticated twist, drawing a parallel on how we look at life.

From the balcony, views of Pittsburgh
Awesome, breathtaking, out of this world

Luthra Panorama4

Tall varied textured buildings lit bright
Some days soaked in golden sunshine
Embraced at night by fog or moon light

Lip-locked lovers, walkers, bicyclists,
Zippy kids, the old and frail
People throng Viewpoints,
fill benches, line along walking trail

They come hooded, bundled in the thick of freezing winter
Rain gear covered in downpour; bare-chested in summer

Limos dot along Grandview Avenue for special occasion
People arrange festivities for birthdays, weddings or just fun

Great view of town in the Burgh, one of best in the country
Visitors throng from far and near, ranging poorest to highest gentry.

Luthra Panorama2

Two beautiful rivers, like two lovers, eager to meet
Where Spring kisses the ground;
Merge, mingle into the Mighty One,
Fountain witnesses new life just begun

With every passing day the thrill of view gets dim and jaded
Starry lights not as bright,
evenings same old dull-’n-faded

Visitors wish for a higher floor for better views and open sky;
Some with acrophobia complain,
wish it was not sickening high.

My nemesis is PPG building;
It blocks flowery dancing fireworks
Its shining glass pillars no longer a marvel to relish
Only draw frowns and smirks.

Monongahela no longer shimmering blue; its water dull, murky brown
Train’s whistle and noise causes conversations to drown.

The Point with its fountain just a sticking finger of land,
Jutted between two rivers where the new one just began.

Days go by haven’t opened the drapes to get a peek
Nothing special happening, the Mon just another creek

Similarly, life gets taken for granted
Our breath, beating heart, ears and eyes,
Every cell working smoothly, non-stop
On demand, without even being asked

Body beautiful gets taken for granted
Miracles of Nature no longer evoke wonder or praised.
Shortcomings, faults, blemishes  are noted
Plastic surgeons, psychiatrists, hospitals kept occupied

Even makers of our body – our parents — forgotten,
often cursed, many a time.
One wrong gene passed among thousands of perfect ones
become actors in crime

Nature or God — whatever or whoever we believe in,
Not thanked, remembered, or acknowledged and now forgotten

Everything gets taken for granted.
Only pitfalls highlighted to grumble and whine.
Complaints take the front stage, highlighted to shine

Views of the Burgh,
Miracles of nature and life
All, with passage of time,
Get taken for granted.

Note: Dr. Kamlesh Aggarwal, a friend of the Luthras, shot the two pictures from the balcony of their condo on Grandview Ave. at different times of the day.  The picture at the beginning of the poem was used on the cover  of the July issue of the magazine —.  ♣


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