The Pittsburgh Triveni Samskrita Mela 2015

By Asmita Ranganathan, Sudarshan Narayanan, Harichandan Mantripragada, and Jyotsna Kalavar

Samskrira Bharati USA, Pittsburgh Chapter

The Samskrita Bharati USA’s Pittsburgh Chapter, extends an invitation to all Sanskrit aficionados in and around the Pittsburgh area to participate and to support Pittsburgh Triveni Samskrita Mela 2015, a festival celebrating Samskritam. We hope that this Mela will serve as a forum for all Sanskrit aficionados to come together in propagating this great language.

Triveni in the title draws an analogy between the confluence of the three holy rivers of India, Triveni Sangam in Prayaag, now called Allahabad, considered a seat of learning and Hindu culture; and the confluence of the three rivers of Pittsburgh, a place we endeavor to make an abode for Sanskrit and Sanskriti.  Here are the details of the events:

When: September 19th (Saturday), 2015 from 11a.m. to 5 p.m.

Where: The Holiday Inn, 2750 Mosside Blvd, Monroeville,                            PA 15146.

Activities: Songs, dances, skits, games, and others for adults and youngsters all in Sanskrit!  The event is open to all. Further, there will be:

Exhibits portraying the legacy of the language.

A book stall displaying books for purchase,

to kindle the interest of both beginners and advanced students of Sanskrit, featuring a wide collection of media resources.

Samskrita Bharati USA ( is a non-profit organization committed to reviving and popularizing Sanskrit as a spoken language, and thereby enabling us to access our timeless and rich cultural heritage. A sapling of this tree obtained from its parent organization, Samskrita Bharati in India, was planted in the US in 1995.

Twenty years later today, that sapling has grown into a tree bearing fruits of success in the form of increased engagement in speaking Sanskrit while its branches are growing to reach out and provide shade to many a Sanskrit enthusiast. In just a few years, Samskrita Bharati USA has grown from a single center in California to more than twenty all around the US  with hundreds of volunteers.

The Pittsburgh Triveni Samskrita Mela 2015 is being held to commemorate Samskrita Bharati USA’s 20th anniversary.

For questions and/or enquiries, please contact:

Asmita Ranganathan: (412) 276-1699

Harichandan Mantripragada: (412) 849-9622

Sudarshan Narayanan: (412) 608-5481


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