5-k Charity Event by Pittsburgh Indian Community & Friends (PIC)

By PIC-5-k Volunteer Team, Pittsburgh, PA 

We call Pittsburgh our home. So, let’s give back to the city that all of us have benefited from in many ways. Many of us support nonprofit charities on an annual basis. However, there is still a perception in local public that our community does not contribute enough and that we are somehow indifferent to the local issues despite our education and success. The mission of PIC-5k is to bring our community together to raise funds for deserving Pittsburgh-based nonprofits and demonstrate our commitment to Pittsburgh.

PIC-5-k Nagpal
So, in this spirit, we organized our inaugural event last September. We were pleased that over 600 people participated in the event and raised over $35,000. This was accomplished by the support from over eighteen  organizations representing our diverse backgrounds and religious organizations. We came together under the canopy of the 5k event — an impressive way to showcase our Unity in Diversity!

The funds raised directly benefitted these Pittsburgh-based nonprofit organizations: 1) Homeless Children Education Fund and 2) Primary Care Health Services, Inc.

The PIC-5k this year is on Saturday, September 12th at the North Park Boat House. Mark your calendar.

We urge you to join this event with family, friends and colleagues. The scenic course takes you around the lake, and it is perhaps the best way to meet and greet all your friends and even make new friends. This is a family event and people of all ages are encouraged to participate. Also, the event is open to all and please ask your friends, neighbors and coworkers to join regardless of their background. Help us to reach our goal of 2,000 participants this year.

Let’s make a difference in the region and the larger community that we are a part of.   Please visit us at http://pic5k.org/, and like us at  www.facebook.com/PIC5K

Our criteria for selecting registered Nonprofits for support with funds: 1) Focus on serving the local community. 2)  Small, yet effective organizations where our contributions can make a difference.  3) Specific programs with measurable outcome.

With these objectives we set for ourselves, we made a list of  local Nonprofits and understood their activities. We then short-listed a few of them for our purpose, visiting them talking to their leaders to understand their operations and the impact on the community.

We satisfied ourselves that the Nonprofits would benefit from our contributions, and further that they would work with us and report to us for assessing the impact of our support.


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