Obama’s Presidency in Two Trendlines

Obama’s foreign policy is a mess with what happened or is happening in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iraq, Syria, Libya, Iran, and now Crimea/Ukrain/Russia. But on home front, he is safe by and large. See the plots below.

Dow Jones during Obama1

Unemployment under Obama 1

 No wonder, his GOP/Tea Party detractors see that they are not getting any traction when they criticize Obama on the economy and unemployment. So they pile on him on foreign policy issues. But the war-weary nation is in no mood to engage in one more military misadventure sacrificing in blood and spending billions in treasury. The president recognizes this well as we see in his commencement speech at West Point in May 2014.

For the uninitiated, the cost of the over 10-year wars in Afghanistan and Iraq is nearly $2 trillion and counting. And several TRILLIONS more in deferred payment for taking care of the wounded and mentally scarred war veterans, now in their 20s, for the next several decades.— K S Venkataraman

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