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Football folks are heroes when they deliver. But when they perform poorly, God save them. All these years, Mike Tomlin was a hero. Earlier this season, Tomlin was hauled over burning coals in the local media.

Half way through the season he was interviewed in November after the disastrous 31-55 loss to the Patriots and a pitiful 2-6 performance.

Tomlin was asked about his confidence in his defensive coordinator Dick LeBeau following the worst statistical performance. The Steelers allowed a franchise-record 55 points and 610 yards against the Patriots.

Reporter: Do you still have confidence in Dick LeBeau’s ability to stop opposing offenses?

Tomlin: Certainly.

Reporter: Why?

Tomlin was terse “Because he’s Dick LeBeau.” He continued: “Does that answer your question?”

If only corporate executives, mayors, and elected church and temple officials would get such “Whys” when their organizations perform badly.

Here is another:  Jonathan Dwyer, a reserve running back in his 4th year with Steelers, was let go last August. Unable to find a place on any of the other NFL team, he was unemployed.

With a long list of injuries this season, Steelers re-hired Dwyer in November. Dwyer performed well against the Browns, rushing for 139 yards, averaging 4.8 yards per carry. Tomlin lauded him for the good job.

When asked if Dwyer has changed because the Steelers released him in late August, Tomlin said, “I would imagine unemployment does that.”

That is how brutal and humiliating the working environment is in NFL.  Would you like to work in an environment like that?

Chanakya’s Sayings:

Chanakya was the advisor for Chandragupta Mourya in the 3rd century before the Common Era, and wrote Artha Shastra, perhaps the oldest book on statecraft.

Who did not become arrogant with wealth and riches?
Which person given to cravings had an end to his troubles?
Whose heart has not been hurt by women?
Who has been dear to rulers forever?
Who has escaped the stealthy march of Time?
Which beggar has dignity?
Who, fallen in bad company, has travelled safely in life?

Here is another Gem from Chanakya:

Proximity means disaster, and being far away is not helpful either.
So, work from the middle with kings, teachers, fires, and women.

From Bhartrhari  — Sanskrit Poetry on the Way of the World;

The Sanskrit poet Bhartrhari lived in the 5th century near Ujjain (near Indore, in today’s Madhya Pradesh  India). A collection of 300 verses of his, Tri-Satakam (literally Three Hundreds), is well known to anyone who has a vague familiarity of Sanskrit and classical Hindi literature. His Tri-Satakam is divided into Niti (proper conduct), Srngaram (sensuality) and Vairagyam (dispassion). Here is one in its original for you to enjoy or ruminate, on which novels are written and films made all over the world:

Here is the translation:

She who I am constantly thinking about is indifferent to me;
And is desirous of another man.
This other man adores some other woman,
who, in turn, takes delight in me.
Damn her! Damn him! Dam the God of Love!
Damn the other woman! And damn myself!      ♦

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