Send Off to Prof. Pradeep Khosla

By Khyati Dave

Professional Chair and National Liaison Officer, NetIP-Pittsburgh


Network of Indian Professionals (NetIP) of Pittsburgh on July 14 bid farewell to Prof. Pradeep Khosla through the Indian Community Impact Award Reception held at CMU. Dr. Khosla, after serving as Dean of the College of Engineering at Carn­egie Mellon University, has taken up position as Chancellor of University of California, San Diego.

Dr Khosla given the indian community impact award

As an engineering alumna of CMU inspired by Dr Khosla, I wanted the younger generation to hear the story of his journey. So NetIP organized the farewell with help from the Indian Grad­uate Student Association at CMU and guidance from Dr. Kanak Iyer (CEO of Kanakadhara Financials). Several speakers including Sunil Wadhwani, CEO, iGate Corp and his wife Nita; Audrey Russo CEO, Pittsburgh Tech Council; CMU’s Provost Mark Kamlet; Heinz College’s Dean Krishnan; and Lalit Choradia, CEO Thar Technologies. They talked about Prof. Kho­sla’s accomplishments and shared anecdotes of their interactions with him. Earthspring Media and Cylab’s film on Dr. Kho­sla’s career highlights was also screened.

Bill Peduto reading the city procolamtion

Mr. Bill Peduto, member of Pittsburgh City Council, gave the city proclamation to Dr. Khosla declaring July 14th as Pradeep Kho­sla day. Dr. Khosla was awarded the 2012 Indian community impact award, a Steuben crystal sculpture designed by Robert Cassetti. It represented a metaphoric bridge suggesting a partnership between equals based on shared values and ideals. With the Indian and the American flags and the Pittsburgh city skyline engraved on a black granite mount, it was an appropriate award to Dr. Khosla — the link between Indian and American education systems. n

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