Ha! Ha!!

 From Classical Sanskrit Poetry (only in translation)

 On Wealth:

 What you give to charity

and what you use for day-to-day

 That I hold your wealth to be.

 The rest, with someone else will stay.


 With a hoarder’s wealth others toy —

 It is like honey, which some amass,

 while others enjoy.

 — Bana Bhatta (7th Century) Sanskrit poet


For Ron Paul’s and other Tea Partiers’ Delight:

 If the bureaucrat could never eat

 his mother’s flesh while in her womb,

 the only reason for this feat was,

 at that time, he had no teeth!

 — Prakashavarsha (9th century) Sanskrti poet A.N.D. Haksar’s translation of


(Penguin Classics, 2007).


Money causes pain in getting;

 In the keeping, pain and fretting;

 Pain in loss and Pain in spending.

 Damn, the pain never ending!

 — From the Panchatantra

(2nd Century AD), A W Ryder


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