A Mother’s Dream will continue….

By Ameeta Ambe for Friends of Nandini, South Hills, Pittsburgh.

As many of you may know, Nandini Mandal – Principal and Artistic Director of Nandanik Dance Academy, in South Hills, Pittsburgh, has been going through a trying phase in her young life of thirty nine years since early 2009.  She was diagnosed with Myelodysplastic Syndrome (MDS) in early 2009 which, progressed to Acute Myeloid Leukemia, a type of cancer, within a few months.  With bone marrow transplant as her only alternative for a chance at recovery she spent some stressful months awaiting a bone marrow match. 

Nandini Mandal

Nandini put her dreams on hold while she courageously & admirably fought through the tribulation of finding a match & getting the transplant at NY’s Memorial Sloan Kettering Hospital. 

Thanks to the generosity of one kind soul, an angel who, by donating the matching bone marrow made the difference of life to Nandini!  She is now able to go back to dreaming of a life with her 2 beautiful young girls Roosha (11yrs) and Raka (3yrs), who need their mommy! 

We request the readers of this story to take the first step of registering for a Bone Marrow donation. You could be the one saving a life too and making a difference to someone’s dreams.  To get answers to any of your questions and concerns about Bone Marrow donation, visit www.marrow.org.  Be an informed donor and hold the power to save a life.

After surgery at the Memorial Slaon Kittering Hospital in New York, Nandini stayed in New York  at an interim housing provided by Hospital, trying to return to her independent self.  In early March, Nandini returned to Pittsburgh in great spirits. Her further recovery will be overseen and followed up by transplant doctors at UPMC. 

Nandini conveys her heartfelt thanks to the community in Pittsburgh and beyond who prayed for her well-being and speedy recovery in her trying time.  Your blessings inspire Nandini to fight the fight of her life. 

The website developed by her friends www.friendsofnandini.org, continues to update the community’s bighearted support not only financially but also through the volunteering efforts at the different events put forth by the Friends of Nandini. 

We, the friends of Nandini profoundly thank all those who have come forward and helped us help Nandini and truly appreciate all your assistance in different areas.  We extend our thanks to several local Indian restaurants & Indian stores that donated food, gifts as well as gift certificates towards making the Holiday India Fair/Indian mela held on Dec 5th 2009, a grand success.  Helping someone in the time of need can be a joy – and we are gratified that several of us in Pittsburgh have come forward to do our best. We will keep you informed in the days ahead on our future activities and events.

Please see how you can continue to help… …

  • To volunteer, email volunteer@FriendsOfNandini.org.
  •  To donate online, visit www.transplants.org search for Nandini Mandal.
  • To donate by check, make check payable and mail to:

NFT Pennsylvania Bone Marrow Fund

5350 Poplar Avenue, Suite 430

Memphis, TN 38119

Please write ‘In honor of Nandini Mandal’ in the memo line.

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